A: 靠窗。每日英語聽力.

B: 可以,這就是。

B: Yes, the plane leaves at 12:30.

A: Are we going to take off as scheduled?

This is a souvenir that I’m taking to China. 這是我帶回中國的紀念品

These are for my personal use. 這是我的個人用品

A: 是的,挂有我名字的标簽

Outgoing passenger card 入境登記卡

A: 請給我一條濕紙巾。

Does anyone here speak Chinese? 有懂中文的工作人員嗎?

Where can I check in? 在哪裏辦理登機手續?

It is a large leather suitcase with my name tag. 是一件大的皮箱,請盡快送到我的酒店。英語視頻教學.

B: 是的,留學)

A: What time is dinner served?

What is the gate number? 在幾号登機口登機?

Immigration 入境檢查

B: Yes, I’m at your service, sir. May I have your passport and ticket?

Please deliver the baggage to my hotel as soon as you’ve located it. 找到行李後,謝謝。英語口語,在飛機上——英語口語.

A: I don’t smoke.

答: Sightseeing. (business, study) 觀光(商務,是否在此登記?

How long will we stop here? 我們在這裏停留多久?

A: Where shall I buy the airport tax?

A: 沒了,我可以爲您服務。先生,應該很快會登機。

Do you have anything to declare? 你攜帶的東西有必須申報的嗎?

問: Have a nice stay. 祝你在澳洲旅行愉快!

C: (Broadcast) Welcome aboard on Singapore Airline. Please fasten your seat belts, and no cell phones or electronic equipments while we are taking off.

A: 我搭SQ-050到新加坡,英語口語練習軟件.可以給我看一下您的護照及機票嗎?

Situation 2 在候機樓 In the waiting room

A: 飛機上有酒賣嗎?

B: 像這樣做。

A: How long will the plane land at the Singapore Airport?

A: 飛機會準時起飛嗎?

B: 是的,應該很快會登機。

B: 兩瓶。

B: 是的,馬上來。

問:英語口語. How long will you be staying in Australia? 你計劃在澳洲逗留多久?

A: 每位旅客可以買幾瓶酒?

問: How much money do you have with you? 你随身帶了多少錢?

B: Well, Where would you like to sit? By the window, by the aisle, or in the middle?

B: OK. I’ll be right back.

B: Two bottles.

A: 這就是。學習英語100句.

Passport control 護照檢查

Where is boarding gate for China airline CA173? 國航CA173登機口在哪裏?

B: Please follow me.

B: 6:00。

D: May I have your boarding card?

A: How long is the plane going to take off?

Yellow card 健康卡

Your passport and declaration card, please. 請出示你的護照和海關申報單

A gift for my friend 送給朋友的禮物

B: Yes, we’ll sell them after dinner. You can also buy cosmetic and cigarette.

C: (Broadcast) SQ-050 passengers to Singapore, all abroad. Please proceed to Gate 3.

B: 好的,英語學習視頻教程.因爲它已經含在機票費用内了。在飛機上——英語口語.)

A: 我可以坐這個位子嗎?

B: All right. Here is your boarding card.

No, I don’t. 沒有

B: 二樓。還有别的事嗎?(現在免繳了,這是您的登記證。

B: 大概20分鍾。

B: 您要坐哪兒?靠窗、靠走道或中間位置?


A: 幾點供應晚餐?

Chinese medicine 中藥

A: May I have some ice water?

B: 好的,會有推車出來,用過餐後,12:在飛機上——英語口語.00前到三号門。

How soon will I find out? 需要多長時間可以找到我的行李

A: Please give me a wet towel.

Do you have any liquor or cigarettes? 你帶有任何酒類或香煙嗎?

B: In 20 minutes.

Can you tell me the features of your baggage? 請描繪你所丢失的行李的外表特徵

C: (廣播)SQ-050到新加坡的所有旅客請到3号門登機。

A: Do I have to go through the customs house now?

A: May I take this seat?

A: Yes, here you are.

B: 有的,英語口語.12:00前到三号門。

A: 我還要一個嘔吐袋。

Are there any duty-free shops in the waiting room? 在候機室有免稅店嗎?

Cash 現金

答: Thank you. 謝謝!

B: 我給您一些暈機藥。

We may have lost some baggage so we’d like to make a lost baggage report. 我想填寫一份丢失行李登記單

A: Here you are.

A: 還有多久到達新加坡機場?

B: Have a good trip.

duty-free items 免稅品

B: 祝您旅途愉快。

Prohibited articles 違禁品

A: Where is this seat?

A: 我必須現在去通關嗎?

B: 請跟我來。

A: Please show me how to fasten this seat belt.

問:學習英語. May I see your passport, please? 請出示你的護照

Quarantine 檢疫

A: 我不抽煙。

A: Do you have wine for sale on the plane?

問: Where are you staying? 你住在哪裏?

A: How many bottles of the wine is each passenger allowed to buy?

Could you please check it urgently? 請抓緊時間找我的行李


Ongoing passenger card 出境登記卡

B: I’ll bring you some medicine for air sickness.

Currency declaration 現金申報單

B: On the second floor. Anything else? (You don’t need to buy it now as it has been included in the ticket fee.)

The cameras are for my personal use. 這架照相機是我自用的

答: I’ll stay at Hyatt hotel? 我住在凱悅酒店

A: 飛機多久起飛?

A: 請教我如何系安全帶。

B: 是的,請稍等。

Valid (invalid) 有效(無效)

B: 好的,基礎英語在線學習.在這裏

I’m sorry. I don’t understand English 對不起,我不舒服,我們即将起飛。

B: At 6:00.

Where can I get my baggage? 我去哪裏取行李?

問: Do you have a return ticket to Taiwan? 你有回台灣的返程機票嗎?

I’m in transit to Melbourne 我是換機去墨爾本

B: You do it like this way.


答:英語大闖關. I have 2000 U.S dollars. 2000美元

Destination 目的地

D: 我可以看您的登機證嗎?

答: Yes, here it is. 有,想嘔吐。

B: Yes, please go to Gate 3 before 12:00.

A: 請問這座位在哪兒?

How many pieces of baggage have you lost? 你丢失了幾件行李?

A: 我可以要冰開水嗎?

答: 10 days. 10天

A: Stewardess, I don’t feel well. I feel like vomiting.

A: Near a window, please.

Situation 4 要求服務 Request the services on the plane


Situation 1 在機場櫃台 At the airport counter

B: 抽不抽煙?

A: No more, thank you.

B: Yes, we will start pretty soon.

How can I get to the connecting flight counter of China airline? 我如何找到中國航空公司辦理轉機櫃台?

B: The smoking or non-smoking section?

Situation 3 在飛機上On the plane

A: 機場稅在哪兒買?

A: Is the flight on time?


Please open this bag. 請打開這件行李


A: 服務員,請系上安全帶、關閉手機及電器産品,在線英語學習.這就是。

C: (廣播)歡迎搭乘新加坡航空,這就是。

You’ll have to pay duty on this. 這件物品你必須交納關稅

B: 好的,
答: Here is my passport. 這是我的護照

Non-residents 外國居民

B: OK. Here it is.

A: 會準時起飛嗎?

A: May I have an air-sick bag?

B: Yes, please. This seat is unoccupied.

Residents 本國居民

B: Yes, please wait a moment.

What are these? 這是什麽東西?

A: I’m taking your flight SQ-050 to Singapore. Do I check in here?

Customs declaration card 海關申報單

Visa 簽證


Here is my claim tag. 這是我的托運行李卡

問: What’s the purpose of your visit? 你到澳洲的目的?

B: About 20 minutes.

B: 再過20分鍾。